It has been silent on my blog for the last few months.

After a few posts, my focus was set on a new challenge. Starting an online business…….. And this has taken a lot of my time and energy the last couple of months. But now there is the RESTART.

Because of My Online Business training I have been given new insights about the importance for planning, setting GOALS, working on a new MINDSET, self education and the importance of taking control of your life.

Energy Levels

Finally my energy levels are increasing and I’m making steps in organizing my life, setting goals and doing this I like to do….. Blogging is one of those things I want to focus on and needs to get a prominent place in this whole new lifestyle. And why is that?

Throughout this BLOG I want to:

  • Document my journey to F.I.R.E.
  • Give insight about my process how to become F.I.R.E.
  • And hopefully inspire other people to do the same.


And this process isn’t all about the money. No…. it’s about improving my own lifestyle, mental health, physical health, mindset, loving the things you have in life, and much more.

But these things only can be experienced to the fullest, when the most valuable ingredient, is at my side. And that is TIME…

The Most valuable asset

A little calculation. My yearly working hours are about 1887 hours (assuming 5 weeks holiday per year).

I’ve been working since I was 17 years old. And at a current age of 38 years old  young. This father and husband already has worked 21 years x 1887 working hours = 39.627 hours of his life.  And that’s not all. I will need to work until I’m 70 years (this is what the government wants in the Netherlands). So till my estimated retirement age of 70 years I need to work 31 years x 1887 working hours = 58.497 hours. So in total I will work  98.124 hours in my life, until I retire. UHMMMMM…… Yes, that’s a lot.

SO, by far I can say that TIME is our most valuable asset. And therefor I want to spent that most valuable asset with to people who I love and do the things that I love.


Hopefully this will give an insight what has made me make the change to start over again…..


Are there other people who want to restart?? Please comment below 😉 and let your hart speak!!!