So, October has passed for over 12 days now….. So finally I’m giving a Net Worth update over October. Sorry guys but it was a hectic few weeks here in my household.

Net Worth

To get straight to the point…. – My net worth hasn’t increased –
And it even decreased a little bit by -0,23%. But WHY???Well, 3 reasons are the course of this.

  1. Our lovely Ford Focus C-Max, build in 2006, had “some” slight fluid leakage from the power steering unit. And so it needed a well spend 2 days in the garage for fixing. And after those 2 days, my Ford Focus was happy again. No more leakage and no more weird noises from the engine compartment.
    But after seeing the bill for all of this, my wallet wasn’t so happy.
    Luckily the emergency fund is the most useful fund for that kind of expenses.
  2. In October we also insulated our facade/frontage (don’t know the exact word for it). This also was funded by our emergency fund. So a second large expense. But with the insulation done. The upcoming winter will be much more pleasant and warmer. And most of all….. The gas costs will go down, so we can save some money on our energy bill.
  3. Last reason for the decrease….. I relocated some funds to my Crypto Journey. And because this is an experimental project. I don’t want it to be calculated with my Total Net Worth.
    I’m figuring out how to fit this into the financial picture for the coming months. But for now, I won’t take it with the Net Worth calculations.

These 3 expenses put a large dent in our funds and that’s the reason why our Net Worth has decreased


October wasn’t an exciting month for my dividend income. €4,56 (after taxes) was the grand total for this month. On the other hand, it is €4,56 made by passive income. So that is always a WINNER. And I know upcoming months more companies are going to pay out some dividends.

Hopefully, your Net Worth Increased. But next month my numbers must be better!!!