It all starts with yourself

As my blog title will tell…… besides a dream to become Financial Independent, I also want to live a green lifestyle.

Living a green lifestyle is a constant battle between what I want and what is good for our planet. And it’s not just me…… There are also my wife and 2 children which have an influence and effect on my green lifestyle.

But one thing what’s affecting our planet the most is PLASTIC. It doesn’t matter if it’s in large pieces of plastic or in “micro” plastics. This product of human mankind is a destructive, non-biodegradable, returning piece of litter, that is covering our planet more and more. was founded by Jeff Kirschner. He got inspired by his four-year-old daughter and Litterati is now a global community that’s cleaning the planet – one piece of litter at a time.

Jeff once started to photograph litter (20 pieces in total) and tagged it and then threw them away. In doing so, something interesting happened to him. Litter became approachable, less daunting.

Here you can find his story in detail……

For now, there is only an iPhone app for Litterati. BUT a few weeks ago I contacted Jeff through Twitter to ask if there was soon an Android app released??

And YES they’re doing an Alpha test right now and soon the B-testing would start. So now I’m waiting for an email to start Beta-testing the Android app of

The loads of plastics which end up in the sea’s and oceans are gigantic.

!! START WITH YOURSELF IS THE KEY !! In order to ensure there is less plastic and litter polluting the seas and oceans.
Take a look at and subscribe….. And act…. to become a member of this global community to reduce the litter on our beautiful planet.