To Goal Or Not To Goal

Today I took some time to think about where I want to focus on this year.

Besides enjoying my wonderful family (wife, son and daughter) there are more areas where I want to focus my energy on….

* Internet marketing,
* working in the ICU,
* maintain my blog,
* starting with – because they are B-testing the Android App !!
* Be aware of my surroundings,
* enjoy music …… ..

Just a number of issues that I want to work out in upcoming blogposts, here on TheGreenFIguy.

This is where I want to focus in 2017…….. I’m so rich I feel like me !!!! Knowing this HIGH will also can become a LOW. We also keep in mind that; You Can’t Have HIGHS, Without Having LOWS.

Have fun and good luck in 2017 !!