Net Worth

This is my first Net Worth Post that I’m going to publish. And I can tell you….. it’s a little bit scary!!!

As you may know, I just began writing blog posts and therefore one of the recurring monthly posts will be the Net Worth Post.

Because I’m tracking my assets and liabilities now for a few weeks, a whole new perspective has opened up for mine.

But here are my number for the month of September.

My total net worth grew another 3,95%… Oh YES, almost 4%!!!!
And because I now track my numbers, I get more humble how much we are worth.

This month we also made an extra down payment on our mortgage. And that means our Net Worth increased extra.
Yehaaaa…. I love to see the results of taking responsibility of my downpayments.

Here are some visual specs of our Net Worth.


Dividend Income

Another income stream for our journey to FIRE are the dividends that companies pay us for having their stocks purchased.

And we got a HUGE increase….. 1365% more dividend income, in comparison with August. I love it when you calculate the numbers in percentages. But nevertheless, it’s still a nice number to see my dividend income grow from € 0,79 in August towards € 11,58 in September. I know September is the quarterly month and so this is also a month in which the dividend payments are made by more companies. Yet I’m pleased to see our progress after 2 months of investing.

What Next??

I still struggle a bit how I need to display my numbers to you guys…… Will it be in percentages or will it be with exact numbers?? Shall I show my total Net Worth in numbers or not. I searched on other blogs what they did, and the results vary so much, I must think about what I want to show in my future posts.

In the upcoming Net Worth Posts, I will go into more detail about my income and Net Worth stats

How are your Net Worth and Dividend income doing?? If you have any suggestions I like to hear them from you.