Most of us are dreaming about going on holiday, make more money, having more time with our family or hoping for a better summer with better temperatures.

With this written on paper, I can’t agree with that….. Of course, we need to make our dreams, but we must know the only dreaming will, eventually, gives us less happiness.
Dreaming gives us a state of happiness. We hope to get some point in life where we can reach our dreams we all have made in the past.
But I think that we are failing ourselves when we stick to DREAMING. Off course we need DREAMS, but I think we need to make those dream reality.

Working hard to become Financially Independent, is one of those dreams for me. And therefore I’m working hard to make this happen in the coming years. I know this isn’t a dream that is realized on short notice. It’s a marathon I need to run….. But with this blog and with the steps on making a budget, attending courses, learning investment skills….. This DREAM is going to be a reality.
My family will be the one who gets the most of it. Because now I already notice that I am more relaxed and I can GIVE more to my kids when I have more time, no nightshifts to make and getting a good rest at night. 😉

Besides my DREAM to become FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early)…… I also have I dream to ride an electric care sometime… And that’s not just some electric care…. For me, that will be a Tesla Model X. Oh, My G.. what a beautiful car. But more impressive for me is the vision of the TESLA Motor company and Elon Musk (it visionary board member).
A greener world, no spoiled energy, transportation whit no exhaust gases…. Wow, that’s my dream…

Take Action

But what is needed to make your dreams become reality?
Well, that can be fitted in two words…. TAKE ACTION……
Take action to make your dreams come true. Start a blog, read books, get outside and take a long walk, play with your kids, save money for an electric car, watch YouTube videos about a specific topic…. All of those things can be a starting point. But most of al TAKE ACTION…..
Get focused to reach your DREAMS and share them…..

Don’t be discouraged by the first setback. No… Let that be the fuel to get you more focused. Let that be the thing to set you on fire… Believe in YOURSELF. The POWER of Family and your spouse.

I hope I just gave you a little inspiration the Make Your Dreams Come True. Know it’s a marathon and not a sprint.