After restarting my blog, my brain hasn’t stopped working. In the early morning, between noon and evening. Each time there are ideas, thoughts, new subjects that come to my mind. The restart of my blog is throwing off its fruits already.

Am I happy now? Waking up at 4:30 am, after I changed my daughter’s bed because of a “pee accident” because my head does not want to stand still?
Luckily, it’s not every night I wake up. Or that my daughter is peeing her bed ;-). But this morning I did not mind that much. After trying to get asleep, I got out of bed at 6 o’clock. And I thought … .. I just have to put this on paper!

As an amateur blogger, the journey I started has just begun. And therefore, my blog post will not look or read like that of a blogger who has been in a number of years.
But I don’t mind to continue this journey. To face the challenge and to keep my blogger mindset up to date.

Blogging Skills

But what do I really need to increase my “BlogSkills”?
For this, I don’t have to look far. Of course, that’s a laptop, an internet connection, domain to post my blog and time. Very plastic of course. And these things I can all admit that has already been done.

But to get onto the blog world, there are still some other things needed. And then I think, people who want to read my blog, writing blog skills, knowledge about the subjects I want to write and so on.

But the biggest part you have to possess is … .. POSSIBILITY! Yep, such a word that you say easily …… But is O so hard to execute!


Why is it that this is so difficult? I think, that if you take this word seriously, you will encounter yourself again and again. And let that be the thing, what most people do not want. Face yourself in the mirror.

But by facing yourself. Keeping yourself challenged, only through such a way you can move on.

And therefore I am passionate to build my blog, write more blog posts and hope to inspire people to explore themselves.