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When You Need To Rethink, Rebuilt and Restart !!!

It has been silent on my blog for the last few months. After a few posts, my focus was set on a new challenge. Starting an online business…….. And this has taken a lot of my time and energy the last couple of months. But now there is the RESTART. Because of My Online Business training I have been given new insights about the importance for planning, setting GOALS, working on a new MINDSET, self education and the importance of taking control of your life. Energy Levels Finally my energy levels are increasing and I’m making steps in organizing...

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Become More Green With Litterati

It all starts with yourself As my blog title will tell…… besides a dream to become Financial Independent, I also want to live a green lifestyle. Living a green lifestyle is a constant battle between what I want and what is good for our planet. And it’s not just me…… There are also my wife and 2 children which have an influence and effect on my green lifestyle. But one thing what’s effecting our planet the most is PLASTICj. It doesn’t matter if it’s in large pieces of lastic or in “micro” plastics. This product of human mankind is...

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GOALS for 2017

To Goal Or Not To Goal Today I took some time to think about where I want to focus on this year. Besides enjoying my wonderful family (wife, son and daughter) there are more areas where I want to focus my energy on…. * Internet marketing, * working in the ICU, * maintain my blog, * starting with – because they are B-testing the Android App !! * Be aware of my surroundings, * enjoy music …… .. Just a number of issues that I want to work out in upcoming blogposts, here on TheGreenFIguy. This is where...

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My TOP Blog’s

Besides the blog of Mr. Money Mustache, I have found, in the past months,  a few other Blogs that interest and inspire me. My First Dutch / Belgain Blogs: English: Electric Vehicles (EV’s) / Tesla:

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