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Net Worth Income October 2017

So, October has passed for over 12 days now….. So finally I’m giving a Net Worth update over October. Sorry guys but it was a hectic few weeks here in my household. Net Worth To get straight to the point…. – My net worth hasn’t increased – And it even decreased a little bit by -0,23%. But WHY???Well, 3 reasons are the course of this. Our lovely Ford Focus C-Max, build in 2006, had “some” slight fluid leakage from the power steering unit. And so it needed a well spend 2 days in the garage for fixing. And after...

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First Steps Into Crypto Currency

My First Steps The last past months I have started my journey to become FIRE (Financial Independent and Retire Early)…… And to reach my goal I have learned a whole lot of new things; – Investing in the stock market – starting High Dividend Investing – learning about being frugal to get a higher Savings Rate – And lots more Now it’s time to make my First Steps Into CryptoCurrency. And with all this new knowledge my horizon has got larger and my eye has fallen on this “new” thing called CRYPTOCURRENCY and the BLOCKCHAIN. For me, it’s not...

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What Is The 30-30-30 Plan

A few weeks ago I heard about the 30-30-30 Plan. And it was an eye-opener to me. What is this all about. Well… it takes about a month to create a habit. 30 days of consistent activities to evolve into a habit. And when something becomes a habit, it really doesn’t take many efforts to execute it, because these habits are printed into your brain. They are programmed to start immediately when you think about them or when your morning starts. 30 Minutes Reading The first 30 stands for Reading 30 minutes. And then we don’t talk about reading...

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Dreams are Made To Become Reality

Dreams Most of us are dreaming about going on holiday, make more money, having more time with our family or hoping for a better summer with better temperatures. With this written on paper, I can’t agree with that….. Of course, we need to make our dreams, but we must know the only dreaming will, eventually, gives us less happiness. Dreaming gives us a state of happiness. We hope to get some point in life where we can reach our dreams we all have made in the past. But I think that we are failing ourselves when we stick to...

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My First Net Worth Tracking Post

Net Worth This is my first Net Worth Post that I’m going to publish. And I can tell you….. it’s a little bit scary!!! As you may know, I just began writing blog posts and therefore one of the recurring monthly posts will be the Net Worth Post. Because I’m tracking my assets and liabilities now for a few weeks, a whole new perspective has opened up for mine. But here are my number for the month of September. My total net worth grew another 3,95%… Oh YES, almost 4%!!!! And because I now track my numbers, I get...

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