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What Is The 30-30-30 Plan

A few weeks ago I heard about the 30-30-30 Plan. And it was an eye-opener to me. What is this all about. Well… it takes about a month to create a habit. 30 days of consistent activities to evolve into a habit. And when something becomes a habit, it really doesn’t take many efforts to execute it, because these habits are printed into your brain. They are programmed to start immediately when you think about them or when your morning starts. 30 Minutes Reading The first 30 stands for Reading 30 minutes. And then we don’t talk about reading...

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Dreams are Made To Become Reality

Dreams Most of us are dreaming about going on holiday, make more money, having more time with our family or hoping for a better summer with better temperatures. With this written on paper, I can’t agree with that….. Of course, we need to make our dreams, but we must know the only dreaming will, eventually, gives us less happiness. Dreaming gives us a state of happiness. We hope to get some point in life where we can reach our dreams we all have made in the past. But I think that we are failing ourselves when we stick to...

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My First Net Worth Tracking Post

Net Worth This is my first Net Worth Post that I’m going to publish. And I can tell you….. it’s a little bit scary!!! As you may know, I just began writing blog posts and therefore one of the recurring monthly posts will be the Net Worth Post. Because I’m tracking my assets and liabilities now for a few weeks, a whole new perspective has opened up for mine. But here are my number for the month of September. My total net worth grew another 3,95%… Oh YES, almost 4%!!!! And because I now track my numbers, I get...

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Life Can Be Cruel And Beautiful At The Same Time.

If you read the About Me page, you can see that I’m also an Intensive Care Nurse. For over 6 years I work on the Intensive Care Unit at a large University Hospital and we get some really ill patients from time to time. And with that said…. I see lot’s of beautiful moments but unfortunately also a lot of cruel and sad moments in the life of people. In the past 6 years, I have grown my skills as an Intensive Care Nurse, supported many families and loved ones, stood next to young and old people while their...

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To Blog Or Not To Blog … .. That’s the question !!!

Restarting After restarting my blog, my brain hasn’t stopped working. In the early morning, between noon and evening. Each time there are ideas, thoughts, new subjects that come to my mind. The restart of my blog is throwing off its fruits already. Am I happy now? Waking up at 4:30 am, after I changed my daughter’s bed because of a “pee accident” because my head does not want to stand still? Luckily, it’s not every night I wake up. Or that my daughter is peeing her bed ;-). But this morning I did not mind that much. After trying...

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