Sometimes people ask me; “Describe yourself in one word??”  I say; “That’s impossible!”.


TheGreenFIguy is a mid 30’s human male, born and raised in the Western part of The Netherlands, family man, father of 2 kids, husband and Intensive Care Nurse.


My background is one of a hard work ethic, don’t give up and do the things you need to do.

When I was 17-years old I started in the healthcare sector. Making long working days, lots of physical challenges, study a lot of hours, and so on!!

But now I’m 38 years old young and got myself into the position of Intensive Care Nurse.

Despite the many stories you read on the internet about people who want to become entrepreneurs because they are hating their J.O.B…. I still love my JOB.

But I’m realistic. This J.O.B. is a J.O.B. that requires a lot of you, demanding a lot of energy (both physically and emotionally). And (in the Netherlands) the retirement age, for me, has become 70 years and 3 months. SEVENTY YEARS AND THREE MONTHS!!! YES, SEVENTY YEARS.


So throughout this blog I want to let people see what it takes to become F.I.R.E. Let them show which highs and lows there will be in this process. But most of all….. let them see that it is possible to enjoy life……


I urge you readers and blog visitors to comment on my posts, comment on my writing skills, so that I can improve these skills of writing. But be aware the english isn’t my native language. So this will reflect in my writing skills.


Hope to read your comments soon.