A few weeks ago I heard about the 30-30-30 Plan. And it was an eye-opener to me. What is this all about. Well… it takes about a month to create a habit. 30 days of consistent activities to evolve into a habit. And when something becomes a habit, it really doesn’t take many efforts to execute it, because these habits are printed into your brain. They are programmed to start immediately when you think about them or when your morning starts.

30 Minutes Reading

The first 30 stands for Reading 30 minutes. And then we don’t talk about reading a newspaper or a glossy… But READ something that expands your thinking, expands your mind and your possibilities.
You must think about books, great blog posts about self-education, fulfillment etc.
One book I would recommend is this book; You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor. It expands your thinking, your potential and you start realizing that everything we see around us, from computer to a table, from a car to an airplane started as an idea in somebody’s head.

Waren Buffet reads 4 hours a day… What!! Yes, 4 hours a day. Just to get input, information, and knowledge.


When you do those 30 minutes of reading is all up to you. For me, the best moment is in the evening. When my kids are in bed. I put on a little music in the background, get a cup of tea and I start reading and I enjoy it every moment. Some people will prefer the early mornings or just before going to sleep. It doesn’t matter it’s all up to you.
But you must know, that the moment must be that time of the day you can retain and absorb the most information. Because reading isn’t just reading and put a checkmark on the steps you’ve made for that day. No, you must do it to getter the knowledge and the information you read.

30 Minutes Listening

The Second 30 minutes is to listen. And then you can think about a motivational, motivational, strategical, personal development audio. As human beings, we also absorb and get information through our ears. You can think about a podcast or a YouTube Video (without watching the movie).
I listen to podcasts while I’m on my way to work. I do that on a bicycle. But for those who must take their car, chakaboom, just put a mp3 stick into your radio, make a CD or connect your phone to your radio and start listening.


30 days in a row

The Third 30 stand for, doing these reading and listening for 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row.
And as already said… The repetition for 30 days is very critical for you. Only through this repetition, it will become a habit.

And this will set you and has set me, on a whole new level. It has given me so much more knowledge, got me more focused. It’s an unbelievable progress.